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LINAIRE® Flex Linear Light

LINAIRE® Flex Tube 360

Round, flexible architectural light that bends and emits light in all directions. Water resistant with precision light quality and full diffusion for a dotless look. Straight, Side, or Bottom wire entry options.

Standard color temperatures (CCTs) from 2400K to 4000K, and light output up to 250+ lumens per foot.

Bends in both directions (top and side) for maximum versatility
Emits light in all directions, like a tube
Water resistant and UV stabilized for outdoor use
Factory assembly (IP67) or field trimmable (IP65)
5 year warranty
MakeVoltageModelCCTRun LengthWire EntryMountingDriver
DI24VLIN 360
2400[run length]StraightMTCL (Clips)

ELV (Electronic)

2700016 (16.4 ft spool)


MB (Brackets)

0-10V (0-10 Volt)

3000BottomHNG (Hanging Hardware)



MLV (Magnetic)


SWX (SwitchEx)

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Mounting Options

Mount LINAIRE Flex Tube 360 with one of three mounting methods for clean, professional, permanent installation:

  • Mounting clips, which grip the light from the bottom and side
  • Mounting brackets, which also grip from the bottom and sides but are longer
  • Hanging hardware, which includes clips, wire, and additional accessories to suspend the light

Trim and cap LINAIRE Flex Mini 3D Bend in the field:

  • End caps, for keeping the fixture waterproof

Mounting clip
DI-LIN-360-MTCL-2 [2-pack, white]

Mounting bracket
DI-LIN-360-MTBR-2 [2-pack, white]

Hanging hardware
DI-LIN-360-HNG-2 [2-pack]

Factory Assembly
Wire Entry

LINAIRE Flex Tube 360 features a straight wire entry.

Field Assembly
Wire Entry Options
& Components

LINAIRE Flex Tube 360 runs are factory-assembled only, but can be trimmed and re-sealed in the field. When re-sealing in the field use Dead End Caps and adhesive to maintain a water-resistant (IP65) finish.

Dead End Cap