CELESTE™ ENCAPSULATED – Flexible Linear Lighting

CELESTE Encapsulated Linear lighting is the toughest linear light engine on the market – built impact resistant and with the strength to withstand direct UV exposure, extreme weather conditions and temperature swings. Suitable for wet location and submersible applications.


100+ | 250+ | 400+

• Fully customizable
• Elegant design
• Engineered for rugged environments
• Lightweight, durable, and flexible
• Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications
• UL 676 - Pool and Spa certified
• NSF Component Approved
• Chemical Resistant
• Sauna Rated
• Deep cold resistant

CELESTE™ Dim-to-Warm Linear Lighting

CELESTE™ Dim-to-Warm Linear Lighting, from Lucetta Lighting, delivers outstanding color rendering and dynamic performance for experiential environments like restaurants and entertainment spaces. Advanced, on-board circuitry eliminates the need for proprietary control systems in favor of a dimmer and power supply.

Up to 150+ Lumens Per Foot | IP20

• Intuitive warm-glow function
• On-board warming technology
• High performance - Average CRI: 95 | Average R9: 96.7
• Easy system installation